It's Summer Time! How To Get Your RV Ready For That First Trip

When the weather turns warm and the sun is high in the sky, a summer road trip just might be in order. Your brand new RV was placed into storage for the winter months and now you need to take it out and get it ready for that first trip. For a new owner, you might not know how to ready your RV, so here are a few things you must do before hitting the road.

Water Maintenance

The first thing you need to do when de-winterizing your RV is to do some water maintenance. This means connecting your RV to your city water pipes and turning the taps on inside the coach. This is to flush out the antifreeze you put in it to prevent the pipes freezing in the winter months. The water should run until it is clear.

You also need to run the shower, all taps and flush the toilet. This is to make sure there is no antifreeze anywhere in the system. Once the water is clear, turn the water tanks from bypass to normal mode and fill the hot water tank. Open the hot water tap fully to allow the air to escape and until the hot water flows freely. You will then fill the fresh water tank.

Check all cupboards and storage compartments for any signs of leaking or water damage. If you spot water damage, your water system will need to be repaired. Once your water tanks are full, run it through the system on full power or using propane fuel.

Check Lights and Fluid Levels

You need to check all the lights on the RV, including both inside and outside. If your RV hooks up to your car, then hook it up and check the taillights and signals. If your RV is a motorized one, then check under the hood for all fluid levels, such as oil, windshield washer fluid and brake line fluid. Make sure you have filled the RV with gas or diesel before you start the engine.

Check Slide Outs and Generator

Some RV units have slide-out rooms and you need to check that these are working properly. Ensure they are opening and closing fully and smoothly and they are sealed completely when either open or closed. Check the hydraulic system if the unit has one to open the slide outs, and check all supports and leveling systems.

If you have awnings, then check that they open properly and lock into place. Also, check that the material is in good condition.

If you have a generator with your RV, start it up and let it run for about 20 minutes before turning on appliances.

Finally, check the tire pressure on all tires. At the same time, check the tires for wear, deformities and uneven wear patterns.

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